- Facial Extractions

These are done once a week for four consecutive weeks.

- Laser and High Frequency

These are used twice a week to oxygenate the skin, healing spots and scars.

Although acne is aggravated by many factors, it is caused by blocked pores that have very little or no function and therefore need help by extraction of blockages for better future product absorption and healthy function of the pores.By doing the course of 4 weekly extractions and twice weekly laser and high frequency treatments one can control acne promptly. Also the recommended ice treatments at home and protocol for products used at home by us needs to be strictly adhered to for results.

We also recommend you to a medical professional for further help if needs be and home-care is recommended a well.

Acne Scar Therapy

- Gernetic

Gernetic has Synchro and Cytobi for the repair of ice pick scars as well as cautery and post acne scars. This treatment is used for 10 months to deliver extra essential amino acids via the skin to the cells to build better tissue. It is made by Doctor Laport from France and is successful for over 53 years. 

- Collagen Brightening Cream SPF15

This repairs dark marks, blocks the sun out and hydrates the skin all very rapidly. Results are achieved within weeks.

- Anti-allergy Spray

We use this spray for acne, blackheads, ingrown hairs and rash.

- 100% Pure Cocoa Butter
Better than any tissue oil and targets most unsightly scars and stretch marks.




Before: Acne

One week after ace extraction, laser and high frequency with the use of Flawless Peel-off Mask, Anti-allergy Spritzer, Collagen Brightening spf15 and 100% cocoa butter.

After three weeks

Other Scar Treatments 



Before: 2nd degree burn

After: Gernetic Synchro and Cytobi for 10 months

Before: Stretch marks 

After: Cocoa butter for one month

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