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Flawless Peel-off Mask

ยท         It's active ingredients are lactic acid and tea tree oil.


Miracle Anti-Allergy Spray  150ml

Used for skin reactions such as acne, blackheads, in-grown hairs, inflammation and rash.

  • Pure rosewater
  • Pure witch-hazel
  • Natural skin calmers
  • The main constituents of the extract include tannin, gallic acid, catechins, proanthocyanins, flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin), essential oil (carvacrol, eugenol, hexenol), choline, saponins, and bitters.
Our Anti-Allergy spray has many other uses. CLICK HERE to see what else you can use it for.


100% Pure Cocoa Butter

Our is 100% pure. Makes excellent skin and hair moisturizer. It penetrates deeply into the skin to give a glowing, soft and healthy skin.Cocoa butter has very strong antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals that are the major cause of aging and diseases like cancer.

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Collagen Brightening Cream spf15

Repairs dark marks, blocks the sun out and hydrates the skin all very rapidly. Results are achieved within weeks.

  • Hydrolised Marine Collagen
  • Spf 15
  • Arbutin
  • Giga white
  • Sepiwhite

Super-growth Serum Formula       250ml

Hair Loss is Reversible and Preventable

Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula is the most complete and effective treatment for hair loss in men, women and children. Your hair is important to you and you should never have to go through the pain of losing it.  Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula is a treatment developed to prevent and even reverse hair loss.


Bergamot essence
hair loss

More from the Aura' International range

Collagen Serum

Best used with the collagen brightening cream, the serum works by introducing stem cells and hyaluronic acid to the area that requires anti-aging.

The Dimple-free Gel

Best for collagen bumpy and orange peeled skin with poor circulation and works best with the cocoa butter at night.

Firming Body Cream

With Q10 plus actives that help firm muscles and other tissue when used twice daily after dimple free gel.


Super-growth Shampoo

Used for for all hair types including ethnic hair.
It grows back broken and brittle hair, bald patches for both men and women and allows scalp circulation.
Use twice  week or more followed by Super-growth Spray twice a day.


Natural Slimmer

Best way to keep healthy and reduce energy your appetite and tummy size using apple cider combined with vitamin C and E.
Reduces cravings and a petite and increases water intake
The Vegetable Soap

Our vegetable soap tightens and clarifies pores and balances the skins oil balance and sensitivity.  It is organic and doesn't contain soap but soap agents.

The Collagen Scrub

The best granular exfoliation for reducing dead or horny cells off the stratum corner, used after cleansing at night twice  week before peel off mask Active is apricot kernels providing vitamin B17.

Bust Firming Cream

Used best with body firming cream to lift breasts that atrophy from breast feeding and weight loss, used with dimple free for reduction and firming ingredients body cream for lift and increase

Do not apply on nipples.

Spot Cover Stick

Makeup and treatment for a pimple at last.
A high content of zinc and tea tree to heal and cover spots.


Clay Pore Reducing Mask

Kaolin based tea tree and pee. This is a perming mask for pore reduction.
Leave on for 30 minutes then wash off. Follow with collagen cream.
Use twice a week.

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