with lactic acid and tea tree oil     


Lactic acid is derived from sugar cane, milk and fruits and serves as an effective exfoliating substance which is why several skin care products include it in their ingredients. Recognized for its anti aging properties, lactic acid makes your skin suppler and full of luster. Like glycolic acid which is also an alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), lactic acid aids in diminishing lines, age spots, wrinkles and pigmentation on the face. It acts as a catalyst in the production of collagen that improves the quality of skin.


Lactic acid prevents skin from aging because of excessive exposure to the sun, moisturizes the skin, keeps the skin rejuvenated and supple, substantiates production of collagen within the cells, serves the purpose of an astringent, has anti bacterial properties and can do away with acne problems like magic. If you have inflammation or blemishes because of acne, lactic acid is the solution. But you must be careful as too much of exfoliation can actually worsen the acne problem rather than curing it. So follow the directions listed on your cosmetic product that comes with lactic acid and increase the potency gradually when you are sure your skin is reacting positively to it.


Apart from acne problems, lactic acid in our Peel Off Mask is used to treat aging. Our Peel Off Mask uses lactic acid as one of their primary ingredients. In moisturizers too, lactic acid serves the purpose of urging exfoliation whereby dead and damaged skin cells are shed from the surface while the growth of new ones are promoted. Most moisturizers for dry skin will have lactic acid as it helps to retain oil and natural moisture in the skin cells. So go ahead and get yourself Our Flawless Peel Off Mask  that can help do away with your acne problems with its active ingredient Lactic Acid.

Special Function of Tea Tree Oil in The Peel Off Mask in Skin Problems

Tea tree oil is effective towards a large range of organisms which includes twenty seven of the 32 strains of P. acnes. It has excellent penetrating qualities and will not inflame the skin.


Why Have we Chosen Tea tree as an active ingredient?

Tea Tree oil is extracted from the Melaleuca altermifolia tree which is local to and has been customarily used by Australian aborigines for centuries.


It has grown to be so well-liked that nowadays it is grown practically all throughout the world and valued for its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties and has a broad selection of uses. Tea Tree oil has a distinct potent scent and looks greenish yellow.


Tea Tree Oil is regarded as a broad-based remedy for acne, eczema, skin infections like burns, warts, insect bites, herpes, wounds and nail mycosis. As reported by a recent assessment on the use of plants in cosmetics, Tea Tree Oil is frequently employed in skin care for the treatment of sores, blisters, spots, rashes, warts, burns and acne.


How Will My Acne Be Helped?

The Tea Tree Oil contained in the Peel off Mask is a very powerful and widespread acne treatment. Its strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties helps kill the bacteria and  is highly effective at banishing acne blemishes. It is far less caustic than some acne treatments and 100% natural too.

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