It doesn’t matter if you have already begun to notice hair loss or if you see that your hair is thinner than you want it to be. It doesn't matter if your grandparents, parents, or siblings have lost their hair, you don't have to. You can still improve your current hair and keep your strong, lustrous, and healthy hair for the rest of your life thanks to Aura' International Super-growth Formula

Aura' International Super-growth Formula is a patented solution that allows you to regrow thick and healthy hair. No other product comes close! We have tailored a treatment product to your needs.

We also have the high frequency and derma-roller with radio frequency lasers in-salon treatment for your hair and scalp needs.



Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula is effective all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line. The formula stimulates the stem cells in the living layers of the scalp to repair the damage to the hair follicles which has already occurred. This damage can be caused by internal factors like genetics, illness, stress or external factors like medication, the environment or harsh handling of the hair. By repairing the damage to the hair follicles, you are able to regrow strong, normal, healthy new hair, improving the quality of existing hair, while maintaining the hair. After only two weeks, you should begin to see results.


Using Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula can help you regrow your hair and prevent future hair loss in 6 ways:

  • It works to regrow hair all over the scalp, including the frontal hair line.
  • It increases circulation to existing hairs and hair follicles helping them to grow hair faster.
  • It increases the duration of the growth cycle of the hair.
  • It increases the length and thickness of your existing hair and new hair
  • It reduces the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and stops it from reaching your hair follicles. Therefore, Aura' International Super-growth Formula stops the progression of male and female pattern baldness.
  • Finally, it repairs damaged, dying hair follicles and can even create new hair by stimulating stem cells in the living layers of the scalp and in the hair follicles themselves.

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Hair Loss in Men is Common

Approximately half of all men and a quarter of all women experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime ranging from thinning to full baldness.
The most common forms of hair loss in men, male pattern baldness, is genetic and worsens over time. Often, hair loss occurs slowly with a gradual thinning or rising of the frontal hair line as thick hairs are replaced by thinner hairs or are simply fall out and are not replaced at all.

How it Works

If you find your hair is thin, dull, or breaks easily, Supergrowth Shampoo and Serum with bergamot oil may be a solution. When applied to hair,  reportedly soaks into the scalp and strands. This stimulates the blood flow to the follicles around the roots and infuses into strands to give hair strength and shine.

When you’re using bergamot for hair, you should consider why you want to use it. If you want to eliminate buildup and heal your scalp, for instance, adding the oil to your shampoo might be best.That's why we have done this by adding it to the Supergrowth formula.

To use your new oil-infused shampoo, simply apply it as normal. Some of the oils should remain on your hair, even after rinsing. Regular application should improve an irritated scalp in about two weeks. If you want to ensure that you're reaping all the benefits of bergamot for hair, you may also add a spoonful or two of the oil to your conditioner. This applies to both rinse-out and leave-in products.

If you choose to use our Shampoo and serum, you’ll likely see very shiny, very thick locks in a month or so. Women with curly hair may benefit most from bergamot for hair because it is reported to help tame frizz, soften dry hair, and help loosen curls. This means those with frizzy, curly hair may develop loose, flowing locks when they use bergamot oil.

How the  Aura' International Super-growth Formula with serum and shampoo came about

Hair loss in men can occur in adolescents as young as 16 and by age 30, 25% of all men will have noticeable hair loss. By their 40's almost half of men have lost a significant amount of hair. As startling as these statistics seem, the number of young men experiencing earlier significant hair loss is even greater than many believe. Many younger men have gradually thinning hair, which they try to hide for another few years. The most common form of hair loss in men, male pattern baldness, is genetic and worsens over time. Often, hair loss occurs slowly with a gradual thinning all over and especially in frontal hair line. The once healthy thick hairs are replaced by thinner damaged hairs or simply fall out and stop regrowing all together. This leaves you looking older than you really are or want to.


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Women and Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is almost as prevalent as hair loss in men. Female pattern hair loss can begin at any point during or after puberty. Most women with this condition have hair that slowly thins all over, eventually becoming most sparse on the top of the head and crown. In most cases, this condition accelerates during or after menopause or other hormonal changes like pregnancy. The recent explosion in the number of "herbal solutions" and shampoos that promise to thicken hair proves just how widespread this problem really is. Aura' International Super-growth Shampoo Formula with all its actives like the serum if used only twice a week immediately removes all dead hair then begins the three stages of hair growth in order of anagen, catagen and telogen thereby increase the hair medulla, matrix and cuticle cells of the shaft.

BEWARE: Hair Thinning

Don't kid yourself. Thinning hair is hair loss. With each cycle of hair growth, the new hairs become thinner and fewer in number, exposing more skin. No matter how many concealers, thickening solutions, or dyes you use, you can only hide hair loss for a short time. Think of the number of men and women who use mousse, gels, and other products, only to have their scalp visible.

These statistics are daunting, but thanks to Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula, there is nothing inevitable about hair loss. The percentage of Bergamot essence, tualine and osmoline is responsible for these excellent results.

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The Importance of Maintenance

The reason maintenance is necessary is that the most common forms of hair loss, male and female pattern hair loss, or Androgenic Alopecia, is genetic and worsens over time. Fortunately, maintenance with Aura' International Super-growth Serum Formula is quite simple; just apply the formula once or twice per day onto clean and dry hair. This takes only a minute a day! Then massage the area of loss. You can also use a derma-roller before application.

Maintenance is also inexpensive, as you will only use about a bottle a month to maintain your hair. For less than 2 dollars  a day, you can keep your thick healthy hair.


thinning hair


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For more info on hair loss, please click here.
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