pippie kruger

We at Sandton Beauty Clinic were given the task of treating Pippie Kruger’s skin grafts with the cloned skin done by Dr Ridwan Mia. We did cold lasers and Homeopathic creams from Gernetic (Dr. Laport's product) which her skin responded wonderfully to.
Pippie is one of nine survivors like the type in the world. She has a zest for life that's addictive to everyone around her.
Her mum is starting a charity fund for mums and children that are burn victims that are destitute.

pippie kruger

After one treatment of laser and Gernetic creams with us.
Home at last

 Message we received from the Krugers:

'Hi thank you for being part of the team who blessed us most during the worst and best of 2012 we hope to bless you as much in the future...

The Krugers'

Visit Pippie on her Facebook page.