Ice Pick Scars

How Do I Get Rid of Ice Pick Scars?

Fraxel and Punch Graft Options

Fraxel can be used on darker skin, but there does need to be a good pre- and post-treatment protocol to prevent pigmentation. We  can discuss this at your first consultation. In addition, a procedure using a tiny punch tool can remove the deeper scars, then you can get Fraxel or dermabrasion for enhanced results. Sun avoidance is essential, and multiple sessions of Fraxel will be needed, but youcan get significant improvement of these types of scars.

Punch excision or grafting for ice pick scars Ice pick scars are holes that travel nearly the full thickness of the skin. In my opinion, the best option is to do a punch excision and close small scars, and graft (not graph) larger scars. There is NO WAY to fill them as a solution. You could do collagen derma fillers. Fraxel will not work.

Our Plastic Surgeon

Improving deep ice pick acne scars.

Acne scars vary in terms of pigmentation, contour, and depth to width ratio. In most cases, scar revision can improve the appearance of scars. Ice pick scars can be improved by excisional microsurgery to remove the scar depth. This is usually performed in an outpatient clinic setting.


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